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Tracey Osborne: Moving past trauma to help survivors reclaim their voice and inner power

This week on the Finding Fertile Ground podcast, I interview Tracey Osborne from Dallas, Georgia.

After bouncing around in various locations during her childhood, Tracey got sexually assaulted by her live-in boyfriend the night of her senior prom. It was not her last sexual assault, and soon she found herself in and out of several domestic abuse situations and getting married several times.

Tracey shares how she identified her fear of abandonment and broke the cycle of abuse. She also realized she had an addictive personality, so she gave up alcohol.

Tracey Osborne at 15
Tracey at 15

Tracey held a wide variety of jobs while parenting her four daughters. She found her passion as a trauma release coach, but she found it extremely difficult to charge women money to help them with their healing.

Now she has found her fertile ground by founding the Global Association for Trauma Recovery, guiding survivors on their journey to move past their past and become the empowered women they are supposed to be.

The association is dedicated to providing low-to-no-cost trauma support for survivors and their families, aiming to facilitate change by spreading trauma-related awareness to create a trauma-informed world.

Releasing Trauma: a survivor's podcast

Tracey also hosts the Releasing Trauma Podcast, supporting survivors in their healing and bringing them the tools they need to create lasting self-transformation. She wants to make the world a better place, so her girls never have to go through what she has survived.

Next week on the Companies That Care podcast, I interview Mallorie Dunn of Smart Glamour in New York City, an ethically made, inclusively sized, customizable clothing line that focuses on accessibility (size + price) and accurate representation.

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