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Aerial Forest

"Marie Makes magic things happen with imperfect people."

-April Brenden-Locke, PMP
Project Manager, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife,


When leaders don't communicate well:

  • Employees tune out

  • Projects go wrong

  • Opportunities get missed

  • Clients say no

Transforming your communications will:

  • Keep your employees engaged

  • Boost productivity

  • Elevate your authority 

  • Attract more clients

Why I can transform your communications:

  • Worked in the environmental consulting industry in a wide variety of leadership roles

  • Managed a group of 70 talented publications professionals for 13 years 

  • Have 30+ years of experience transforming dry, technical content into dynamic language people WANT to read

Read more about me on LinkedIn.

Taught English in Japan for 3 years after college, my first real test to speak clearly and engage listeners!


“At a time when rapid and crisis communications were critical, Marie jumped right in and immediately embraced the support we needed for our communications during the COVID-19 pandemic. Marie quickly understood the daily operations and tight deadlines our team needed. She understands the big picture. Her writing, business sense, responsiveness, positivity, and professionalism are outstanding. I trusted her to provide us the support we needed every step of the way. I highly recommend Marie. She is amazing. I will work with her any chance I can in the future.” 

—  Dee Hidalgo, former senior communications specialist at Clackamas County

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