Companies that care podcast

Coming in April 2020!

I have a passion for companies that care and give back to their communities, so I'm starting a new podcast to highlight those leaders in the industry.

Can you speak on any of the following topics?

  • Companies with corporate social responsibility commitments

  • Sustainability reporting

  • Materiality analysis

  • Green building

  • Greenhouse gas reduction

  • Environmental management systems

  • Natural infrastructure

  • Partnerships with nonprofits

  • Company philanthropic foundations

  • Strategic giving pillars

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • Ethics

  • Compassionate leadership

  • Employee engagement & culture

  • Kindness as a value

  • Employee volunteerism

  • Water systems


  • Food systems

  • Renewable energy

  • Housing

  • Affinity groups

  • Quadruple bottom line

  • B-Corps

  • Conscious capitalism

  • Small business mentoring

  • Moral responsibility of business

  • Fair labor practices

  • Economic development

  • Adaptive innovation

  • Renewable technology

  • Zero waste and Net Zero

  • Recycling

  • Purpose-driven companies

  • Community building

  • Sustainable ecosystems

I'm particularly interested in founders, CEOs, or business or nonprofit leaders who can represent their organizations. (I'm generally not interested in hosting life or business coaches, unless they have a compelling topic. Convince me otherwise!)

If you would be a good guest, email me at If you are a fit, I will send you a podcast interview form and set up an interview. 

The Finding Fertile Ground Podcast is not going away; I'm planning to alternate the podcasts each week.

I would love any suggestions. I'm PARTICULARLY interested in continuing my focus on underrepresented voices in this Black or brown people, LBGTQIA, women, immigrants, differently abled, etc., are especially welcome!

11 Black

6 Asian

13 White

3 Latinx

1 Jewish

1 Muslim

24 Women

1    Sikh

6 Men

3 Nonbinary

1 Trans

6 Gay/Les.

2 In recovery

9 Immigrants

2 Outside the U.S.

1 Bisexual


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