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Naama Barnea-Goraly of Girltelligence: Creating an app to support young women

Dr. Naama Barnea-Goraly of Girltelligence

As a podcaster for justice, I stand with my sisters from the Women of Color Podcasters Community. We are podcasters united to condemn the tragic murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and many others at the hands of police. This is a continuation of the systemic racism pervasive in our country since its inception and we are committed to standing against racism in all its forms.

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The Companies that Care podcast highlights business leaders who are making a difference in the world, like Naama Barneal-Goraly, M.D. She founded Girltelligence, an app for girls to advise, support, and inspire each other.

Girltelligence ad saying "We are strong when we support each other"

Naama is a child and adolescent psychiatrist and brain researcher. She grew up in Israel and came to the U.S. to be a post-doctoral fellow at Stanford University. She worked at Stanford for 15 years before deciding to do something different with her life.

Naama wanted to use what she’d learned to empower young women. She was inspired by a quote from Melinda Gates: “No matter where you're born, life will be harder if you are born a girl.” She realized an app could be a great way to build a supportive community for young women.

Ad that says "Sisterhood in an app"

Girltelligence launched a year ago and has a thriving growing community. Many of the girls are interested in girl empowerment, psychology, psychiatry, and mental health, and they offer support to other girls.

The app provides a supportive community and information from experts and peers. Girls create their own content and ask questions that might pertain to school, friendships, relationships, college applications, mental health, or how to help a friend going through a difficult situation.

Girltelligence was recently awarded the iFundwomen x Neutrogena grant, which gives women-owned businesses in the health and wellness space a fresh start in 2021.

Naama has taken her education and practical skills and created a beautiful resource for young women and girls. I’m so excited to share this app with all the young women I know!

Lisa is a singer/songwriter, essayist, and published poet. Raised in Boulder, Colorado, she now lives in Italy. As a transracial adoptee, she was in foster care, adopted two separate times, and survived child abuse.

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