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I highlight historically excluded voices on my podcasts…the people who don’t always get a platform.

Finding Fertile Ground podcast

Stories of grit and resilience and using those experiences to find one's fertile ground

Season 1: stories of everyday people who have endured a lot of hardship and got through it with resilience.

Season 2: similar stories, but especially those people who have found their fertile ground in their careers or life through these grit and resilience experiences

Companies That Care podcast

Business leaders who are working to make the world a better place for all, through sustainability, diversity/equity/inclusion, caring communications, worker justice, etc.

Marie Gettel-Gilmartin and Olive Bukuru Kabura

Seeing my friend and "resilient refugee" Olive Bukuru Kabura again in 9/21, over a year after I interviewed her as my very first podcast guest

11 Black

13 White

3 Latinx

24 Women

3 Nonbinary

6 Men

1 Jewish

1 Muslim

1    Sikh

1 Trans

2 In recovery

9 Immigrants

2 Outside the U.S.

1 Bisexual

Finding Fertile Ground Demographics.png
Finding Fertile Ground Podcast and Companies That Care Podcast
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