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Jon Roesser, Weavers Way Co-op: Growing the cooperative community in Philadelphia

Jon Roesser, Weavers Way, on Companies That Care podcast

The Companies that Care podcast highlights companies and business leaders who are making a difference in the world, like Jon Roesser, general manager of Weavers Way Cooperative Association.

Staff of Weavers Way Coop

Founded in the early 1970s, Weavers Way is a consumer-owned food co-op in Philadelphia with three stores, two farms, a non-profit, and community newspaper. They have more than 10,500 member households representing over 25,000 individual member-owners.

Weavers Way is a critical link in the Philadelphia food shed, connecting local food growers and producers with values-driven consumers. Working with more than 300 vendors in the Philadelphia area, the co-op emphasizes the need to strengthen local food systems.

This week's returnable soup jar tally

In addition to implementing sustainable measures throughout their business, Weavers Way is also taking steps to diversify the racial makeup of its vendors. The co-op also has a partnership with WB Saul Agricultural High School, with a farm on the site of the school where students can use the farmland as their classroom.

Do you remember after Trump was elected and many people said they were going to move to Canada? Next week on the Finding Fertile Ground podcast, I interview Mahlena-Rae Johnson, a Black woman and mom who really did it: she moved her family to Canada to pursue better opportunities there.

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