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Daniel Sartin: Choosing sobriety and compassion after trauma, abuse, and abandonment

Daniel Sartin: Choosing sobriety and compassion after trauma, abuse, and abandonment

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This week on the Finding Fertile Ground podcast, I interview Daniel Sartin. Daniel is just a year younger than my oldest son, but he’s survived a lifetime of trauma and difficulty. Born into the foster system, he got adopted and raised by a relative. He was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness and is queer, which resulted in deep shame about his sexuality. And then there’s just living while Black.

Young Daniel with his adopted mom
Young Daniel with his adopted mom

Daniel shared stories about his childhood and upbringing. He also shared vulnerably about his incredibly toxic and narcissistic first romantic relationship. This is not the stereotypical macho white guy with a submissive, terrified wife. In Daniel’s relationship, his ex-boyfriend actually called him the n-word on several occasions. Finally, Daniel could take the abuse no longer and he escaped the situation.

Daniel in the Columbia Gorge
Loving life after pushing through trauma

In spite of what he’s faced in his life, he is upbeat and optimistic…and committed to dedicate his life to helping other people. He has founded a nonprofit called Happy Havens, which aims to create a permanent housing situation for houseless people around the Portland area.

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