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Scared of Making videos? You're not Alone.

Image shows two people speaking in a video interview with caption: Scared of making videos? You're not alone.
I differ from my husband and sons: they love the limelight. Even my shy youngest has produced an Indiana Jones fan film.

I’ll never forget first being interviewed for a video show 3-1/2 years ago. The subject was far from easy: race and racism. Fortunately the host was kind, gracious Charles Jackson II. He made the process fun and enjoyable.

Now I’ve interviewed 100+ people for my podcasts, some on video. I’ve appeared on several video shows and survived to tell the tale. I’ve always pushed myself out of my comfort zone.

Marie Gettel-Gilmartin interviewing Kim Malek on Companies That Care podcast
But I can’t say I love being on camera.

My discomfort with video has been holding me back in my business. I must stop hiding behind the written word and conquer my fears.

I just finished an outstanding seven-week course called “Comfy on Camera” by Linda Ugelow. A speaking confidence coach, Linda has written a book and hosts a podcast called Delight in the Limelight. She helps people learn how to conquer their fears and even enjoy going on video!

About 75 percent of us fear public speaking. Making videos probably pushes that number higher.

But hiding behind the written word can keep us behind. Check out these statistics:

  • 91% of people want more online video content.

  • 66% of people find short-form video to be the most engaging on social media.

  • Video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year.

  • In 2022, 82% of internet traffic came from video.

Linda concentrates on what is holding us back. She helped me:

  • Relax, befriend the lens, and create a heartfelt connection

  • Watch myself on video without cringing

  • Explore how I express myself in a safe, encouraging environment

I participated in a cohort with fun, encouraging people who were just as nervous as I was. We saw incredible growth in each other. And we had fun along the way!

Linda helped me break through my discomfort.

Now I celebrate my dynamic energy, resilience, and personal story.

If you struggle with public speaking or making videos, check out Linda’s podcast and TikTok channel. She freely shares her wisdom in bite-size pieces. She also offers free webinars. I’m grateful to her (and my cohort) for helping me feel comfy on camera!

What’s next? Restarting my podcast and sharing my content via video.

Let me know if you can use help with internal or external communications, marketing, or leadership.

I help purpose-driven professional services firms and organizations avoid BORING and boost employee engagement, productivity, and readership. I translate technical, complex, and lackluster language into accessible, dynamic, story-driven text. Get known in your industry through outstanding thought leadership content. Walk your talk through outstanding, effective communications with your employees and clients.

Fertile Ground Communications LLC is a certified women-owned business enterprise, disadvantaged business enterprise, and emerging small business.


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