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Julie Allen: Using her battle with eating disorders to inspire others and dismantle diet culture

Julie Allen: Using her battle with eating disorders to inspire others and dismantle diet culture

This week on the Finding Fertile Ground podcast, it was a joy to interview Julie Allen again. I had the honor of interviewing Julie earlier this year for my Companies That Care podcast.

During this interview, Julie shared her 15-year battle with eating disorders. She was in and out of treatment during her entire teenage years and into her early 20s. Her breaking point was a rape at 18 that took her eating disorder to a whole new level of self-hatred and lack of regard for her own life with an attempted suicide. She has been in recovery for a decade now and is passionate about dismantling diet culture and stigmas around mental illness.

Julie Allen on the Finding Fertile Ground Podcast

She has found her fertile ground as CEO of a body-positive, self-love promoting, women-empowering clothing boutique, Mary Rose NW Boutique. She also founded the Mary Rose Foundation, a nonprofit that helps fund treatment for people struggling with eating disorders. She speaks openly about her own struggles with eating disorders, PTSD, and mental illness to inspire hope for those who are hurting.

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